"I love animals and geckos. They make me happy and I like learning about their habitats."

---- Addison Schaff, 5
Vickery Montessori
Cumming, Georgia, USA

Selected Entries of the 2015 International Children's Art Competition

"I drew that when Daddy went to New York City and was with all the buildings there. I was wishing I could go too."

---- Addison Schaff, 5
Vickery Montessori
Cumming, Georgia, USA

The Starry Night Scene by Addison Schaff
Parrots by Addison Schaff
The Brave Horse Runs to Freedom by Chaewon Kang

"A brave horse runs freely to freedom over the sunset. he wants to explore the world outside his stables. The patterns at the bottom show that he would like to travel to different places"

---- Chaewon Kang, 8
Cedar Road Elementary
Chesapeake, Maryland, USA

"People should understand what the world will miss if giant animals become extinct. To make the message clear a young elephant is drawing his portrait with the 

peace sign between ears and trunk."

---- Larisa Kachko, 11
Rosa M Parks Middle School
Olney, Maryland, USA

The Elephant Artist by Larisa Kachko
A Mother's Love by Sippaphat Wongchaipeng

"A loving mother feeds her children- This time I was with my mother. I had a feeling of peace and security. By the time I was growing up my mother would take care of me with love like mothers do."

---- Sippaphat Wongchaipeng, 6
AnubanKhehabangplee School
Samutprakarn, Thailand 

Catharsis by Christine Kwon

"Throughout my first year in high school, I was always in a stressed and depressed conditions. Here is the catharsis of those feelings during my break with different faces that represents parts of my life and feelings towards them."

---- Christine Kwon, 15
Atholton High School
Columbia, Maryland, USA 

Time of Summer by Rachel Choi

"Time like bubbles, memories disappear.

The eye is reliable and watches everything.

I remember rainbows.

Rainbows seem delicate. That is the way our feelings work.

Rainbows appearing are the feeling of PURE JOY!"

---- Rachel Choi, 11
Clarksville Middle School
Clarksville, Maryland, USA

Whirlpool by Jason Kang

"A whirlpool in the summer sometimes happens at the beach. It looks like an underwater tornado, thriving with life and reflected light. I am full of energy like a whirlpool!"

---- Jason Kang, 10
Fulton Elementary School
Fulton, Maryland, USA 

My Favorite Place by Ivan Shao

"This a place I like a lot and it has become a part of me."

---- Ivan Shao, 13
Venado Middle School
Irvine, California, USA 

The Girl with the Dragon Hair by Victoria Velinova Kraleva 
Brave Cat by Larisa Kachko

"Here, I thought about confidence and beauty mixed together in a cat."

---- Larisa Kachko, 11
Rosa M Parks Middle School
Olney, Maryland, USA

When a Good Idea Hits by Lydia Liu

"I always get a small smile when a good idea hits me. This self-portrait represents my face when I realize that the idea I had just came up with was, actually, 'pretty legit!'"

 Lydia Liu, 14
Silver Valley High School
Newberry Springs, California, USA

"The cherry blossoms, the laced shoes and perfume bottle represent, perhaps, a girl's youth. However, the girl is not from this era, and may have put these belongings of her away long ago."

---- Lydia Liu, 14
Silver Valley High School
Newberry Springs, California, USA

Nostalgia by Lydia Liu
Where is My Summer? by Andrew Alekseyenko

"My bird is bright-fathered, but sad. My bird misses summer a lot. It is standing on a branch probably looking for food."

---- Andrew Alekseyenko, 9
Russian Center for Language and Arts
Brookline, Massachusetts, USA

A selected number of artists, of age 15 and under, will receive the Advena World Young Artist Award.

Children from around the world are welcome to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 
Advena World Children's Art International Competition | 2015 Selected Entries 1 | 3 | 4 | Closing Date Oct. 16, 2017​

My Favorite Place by Ivan Shao