Monkey in the Tree by Addison Schaff
My Family by Hilary So​​

"Avengers (Hulk, Iron Man, and Hawkeye) are using theirs powers to rescue a city when Green Goblin attacks with pumpkin bombs."

---- Sai Smaran Bonthula, 7

Creightons Corner Elementary School

Ashburn, Virginia, USA

Rescuing a City by Sai Smaran Bonthula
Peacock by Royina Patel
Dream Study City by Lap Man Laurie Chang

"I want to study in London in the future; that's why I drew this picture of the London Scene. I love London so much- I really want to go to London."

---- Lap Man Laurie Chang, 9 

Good Hope Primary School

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Off Road Race Car at Sunset by Daniel Yakam

"A race car just jumped off a ramp and it is about to go through a loop. The track is made of dirt and on it side there are disabled cars or whatever is left off."

---- Daniel Yakam, 10 

New Creation Adventist School

Waco, Texas, USA

My Grandmother's  Garden byTanush Chava

"Every summer, I go to my grandparent's house in Chennai, India. My grandmother has a lovely garden. Every morning I pick the fallen flowers and offer them to God. I love my grandmother and her garden" 

----Tanush Chava, 6 

Grace Episcopal School

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

" I have a big family- I have my mom, my father, my big sister, my little sister and me. I love them all, my mom, my sisters and my father love each other also. I love rabbits, cats, and dogs, fishes, and swimming in the pond."

---- Hilary So, 6

Maryknoll Convent School

(Primary Section)

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

"Our salt water tank inspired me. I love the beautiful colors and when fish are swimming by I observe closely. I painted fish and colored inside mushrooms and rocks. I learned to paint at a Girl Scouts meeting."

---- Sydney Bostic, 7

Hegsville Elementary School 

​Martinsburg, West Virginia, USA    

Fish Swimming by Sydney Bostic​​

"I love animals and I like to play with them. A big orange cat is playing with a little mousse."

---- Viara Pencheva, 5

Kindergarten "Yavor"

​Gabrovo, Bulgaria           

Cat and Mousse by Viara Pencheva​​
My Dream Secret Garden by Chloe Tsz Ching Wong

"My garden is just seen under the bright moonlight surrounding by a blue mountain and a waterfall. In my secret garden we can hear a lot of nice bird-songs. Birds are singing everywhere when animals are resting or playing around. my dear is the garden's guardian. Her horn are blossom with many colorful flowers."

---- Chloe Tsz Ching Wong, 9 

PLK HKTA Yuen Primary School

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

Tai O Stilt Houses​ by Pui Kan Leung

"Tai O Stilt Houses is one of the characteristics of Hong Kong. I hope that many people can travel here to visit this beautiful fishing village." 

---- Pui Kan Leung, 10 

Taoist Ching Primary School

(Wu King Estates)

Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

"I love animals and I like to play with them. A dog is hiding a big bone from a bird that is perched on his back."

---- Viara Pencheva, 5

Kindergarten "Yavor"

​Gabrovo, Bulgaria

Dog and Bird by Viara Pencheva​​

"Happy dancing- I wish I could have those beautiful colors."

---- Royina Patel, 4

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

"I wish I could live in New York City."

---- Royina Patel, 4

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

New York City by Royina Patel
Nature and Joy by Royina Patel
A Rainbow of Love by Tzivia Ayn Schwartz

"These ordinary things are representing my inner world."

---- Alaa Eddine Rebiai, 13 

CEM Zerrouki Kheira (School)

Setif, Algeria

Colored Things by Alaa Eddine Rebiai

"I wishes I can always eat ice-cream. My garden has a pond which has many ducks swimming on it. My castle's flying in the sky where I live in near many pink trees with blossom flowers." 

---- Pui Yee Pearl Chan, 7 

Yew International School
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

I Can Fly by Pui Chi Leung

A selected number of artists, of age 15 and under, will receive the Advena World Young Artist Award.

Children from around the world are welcome to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 
Advena World Children's Art International Competition | 2016 Selected Entries 1 | 2 | | 2017 Entries1 | 2 | 3 |

A Bird in the Sky by Tzivia Ayn Schwartz​​
Selected Entries of the 2015 International Children's Art Competition

"I learned about Asia and all the animals that live in trees"

---- Addison Schaff, 5

Vickery Montessori

Cumming, Georgia, USA

"I am dancing with a flower , a rainbow, and clouds."

---- Royina Patel, 4

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

"This rainbow represents all beautiful colors. I like rainbows. Here, I mix my love with a beautiful rainbow."

---- Tzivia Ayn Schwartz, 7 

New Hampshire Estates Elementary School

Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

A Dragster Race by Joshua Yakam

"A dragster is racing right in front of a pit stop with four pit crew equipped with tires, gas hose and stop sign. Up in color are bleaches and the stars represent the flashes of spectators' cameras. Below are some green grass..."

---- Joshua Yakam, 8

New Creation Adventist School

Waco, Texas, USA

My Dream Garden by Pui Yee Pearl Chan

"My dream life is that I can fly in the space. From the space we can see many animals and many cities. The sun shines on my happy life everyday" 

---- Pui Chi Leung, 6 

Taoist Ching Primary School
(Wu King Estates)
Tuen Mun, Hong Kong

My Creek by Tarun Chava​​

"The beautiful view I see from my home and I love it!"

----Tarun Chava, 6 

Grace Episcopal School

Alexandria, Virginia, USA

"Birds are wonderful animals that we should love and protect. During a beautiful sunny day, a happy bird is flying over a house."

---- Tzivia Ayn Schwartz, 7

New Hampshire Estates Elementary School 

​Silver Spring, Maryland, USA