"I am playing with friends..."

--- Payasorn Wangsapha, 10
Supawan School
Bangkok, Thailand    

Cooking Time by Nichaluck Pattanadechaworrawat

" I fit all things that I loved and I cannot give up in this Picture. My family is in one corner, my school and friends are in one and my art teacher and workshop friends are in other corner. Art, paintings , my lovely dog Simba and me are all in nature"

--- Ece Engun, 8
Doga Elementary School Sariyer
Istanbul, Turkey       

"The ostrich, emu and cassowary are my favourites. They find food, water and shelter to help them live, grow and produce their young. They are a part of our human ecosystem, sharing the wildlife habitats, biodiversity and species conservation." 

---- Daren Max Tanchio, 8
Anglo-Chinese School, Junior

Toa Payoh, Singapore

All Things that I loved by Ece Engun
Butterflies and Berries by Shih-chen Lee
Vanish by Salsalina Larasati
The Journey by Gabriella Emma Wong
Playing With Friends by Payasorn Wangsapha

A selected number of artists, of age 15 and under, will receive the Advena World Young Artist Award.

Children from around the world are welcome to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 
Advena World Children's Art International Competition | 2016 Selected Entries 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | Closing Date Oct. 16, 2017

" My butterflies are eating berries. 

Not honey, but berries"

--- Shih-chen Lee, 3
Not Attending School Yet
New Taipei City, Taiwan

My Favourite Australian Flightless Birds by Daren Max Tanchio

"The rabbit and friends take a happy train ride. …."

--- Gabriella Emma Wong, 4
Victoria Belcher Kindergarten
Hong Kong      

Modern by Rithi Valluri

""Vanish" Flood has made cheerful homes vanished, leaving only the shadows of happiness. If only people care about keeping trees alive, not cutting them and letting the leaves fall to the ground …."

--- Salsalina Larasati, 10
SDK Tirtamarta-Penabur Jakarta
Jakarta, Indonesia      

"Cooking my favorite dishes"

--- Nichaluck Pattanadechaworrawat, 11
Supawan School
Bangkok, Thailand    

Selected Entries of the 2016 International Children's Art Competition 

"From wherever I see, I see color, path to destiny. I see it clearly."

--- Rithi Valluri, 12
Farmwell Station Middle School
Asburn, VA