"I draw a baby lion. It is not real. There are people inside. They dance and make it look like real.."

---- Davonna Wing Lo Poon, 4
ISF Academy

Hong Kong          

"It is my dream to become a soccer player or an architecture builder. I hope my dream will come true."

---- William Yi, 11
Coral Academy of Sciences

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA          

Friends by Alaa Siddiqui

" I was inspired to draw a unordinary purple roaster under a pink sky."

---- Tzivia Ayn Schwartz, 7
New Hampshire Estates Elementary School 
​Silver Spring, Maryland, USA  

We Will Save Earth by Maithreyi Ananthan

"My favorite animals are cat, bear, monkey, and rabbit. They are watching the beautiful rainbow while sitting on top of the hill. The colorful birds and butterflies are dancing in the sky. They all love each other and are happy." 

---- Alaa Siddiqui, 8
Modern Middle East International School

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

" My teacher said that we should save earth. I asked my mom "what is earth?" She said "it is the place where we live."

I live in my house surrounded by trees, rivers, fishes, cat, mousse, and with my brother and friends will join hands to save earth."

--- Maithreyi Ananthan, 5
Mahak's Little Angels Nursery/Primary School
Lagos, Nigeria

Selected Entries of the 2016 International Children's Art Competition 

My self-portrait showing me wearing my favorite shirt, a necklace, and blowing a bubble with a gum."

---- Tzivia Ayn Schwartz, 7
New Hampshire Estates Elementary School 
​Silver Spring, Maryland, USA  

Dinosaur World by Avelyn Jing
My Dream World by Srishti Hazra

A selected number of artists, of age 15 and under, will receive the Advena World Young Artist Award.

Children from around the world are welcome to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 
Advena World Children's Art International Competition | 2016 Selected Entries 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 2015 Entries 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 

Unordinary Roaster by Tzivia Schwartz
The Baby Lion by Davonna Wing Lo Poon

"I took a boat trip across the ocean. On the trip I saw a lot of magical things. They fascinated me very much."

---- Davinia Wing Hang Poon, 8
ISF Academy

Hong Kong          

Across the Ocean by Davinia Wing Hang Poon

"It was my first painting in art class. 

Flowers are beautiful and make me smile. "

---- Addison Schaff, 5 
Vickery Montessori
Cumming, Georgia, USA 

" My parents say that I should study well and stand on my own legs.

I wish to have long thin legs like Flamingo and stand tall like a coconut tree."

--- Maithreyi Ananthan, 5
Mahak's Little Angels Nursery/Primary School
Lagos, Nigeria

"I drew the world where dinosaurs lived. I imagined a world with volcanos where an apatosaurus is swimming, a stegosaurus wants to drink water, a triceratpos is having a rest, a tyrannosaurus rex is looking for food, and a pterodactyl is flying in the sky."

---- Avelyn Jing, 5
Palo Alto, California, USA 

My Special Day by Eunjoo Kim

"This is the drawing of my 11th birthday. This was a special day because our family got together, ate, and played. One of the memories I will always remember and cherish."

---- Eunjoo Kim, 11
Glen C. Taylor Elementary School

Henderson, Nevada, USA          

My Dream by William Yi
I Will Stand Tall by Maithreyi Ananthan

"This is my dream world. It is candy land where everything is sweet. Even the people are sweet. Its a place where kids are happy and smiling all the time. I love to be in my dream world."

---- Srishti Hazra, 7
Hudson Montessori School 
Jersey City, New Jersey, USA  

Beautiful Flowers by Addison Schaff
Bubble Gum Self-Portrait by Tzivia Schwartz