"They said humans are social creatures, but we all have lonely time. Then, we can explore own comfort zone..."

--- Aminata Mary Thienta, 13
Clarksburg High School

Clarksburg, MD, USA 

Selected Entries of the 2018 International Children's Art Competition 

" I love my family.

I usually have reunion dinner with my family at home on New Year's Eve. Many of the traditional dishes we have at the Chinese New Year symbolize health, wealth and happiness...."

--- Reiko Lee Cheuk Kiu, 7
St Paul's Convent School (Primary Section)

​Hong Kong   

Walking by Irene Oh

" When I grow up, I want to be a dessert chef. The paper plane flies to the sky, it means I am heading to turn my dream come true..."

--- Hoi Ching Kwok, 10
Po Leung Kuk Riverain Primary School

​Hong Kong   

" I dreamt camping with animals and we enjoyed a beautiful mooning night together.

---- Irene Oh, 8

Horace Mann School / 3rd Grade 
Bervely Hills, CA

Spring Flowers in My Garden by Saachi Padh

" I board a yellow spaceship and fly far in the space.

Then, I find a red world with red dust and red sky.

​I also see a black hole in the sky; so, I send my black robot to find more"

--- Reyhaan Deb, 6
Schoolhouse by the Bay | Little Artists Art School


" These are my favorite flowers. Every year in spring, these flowers grow in the garden in my front yard. I always fall in love with their beautiful colors."

--- Saachi Padh, 8
Buffalo Trail Elementary School

Aldie, VA, USA

Camping by Irene Oh

" A beautiful boat..."

--- Fidana Silveva Koleva, 8 

Elementary School "Vasil Levski" 

Edrevo, Bulgaria   

" I love riding cruises.

In cruises there are restaurants, swimming pools, playrooms.

It's a moving resort.

---- Irene Oh, 8

Horace Mann School / 3rd Grade 
Bervely Hills, CA

" Near streets we stroll around.

If you walk it makes your body healthier and the earth gets clean blue sky" 

---- Irene Oh, 8

Horace Mann School / 3rd Grade 
Bervely Hills, CA

" I wish other kids will also love my dream house...."

--- Esther Peng Zi Qing, 7
Singapore Chinese Girls Primary School


My Dream House by Esther Peng Zi Qing

A selected number of artists, of age 15 and under, will receive the Advena World Young Artist Award.

Children from around the world are welcome to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 

Advena World International Children's Art Competition Brochure | Selected entries 2018 A- C |  2017 | 2016  | 2015

Laisser Les Alentours by Aminata MaryThienta
My Dream by Hoi Ching Kwok

" An expression of friendship between my friend and me throughout years."

--- Elise Chiu, 11
Kennedy Middle School

Cupertino, CA, USA 

A Boat by Fidana Silveva Koleva
Youth by Celine Yeuk Ling Feng
A New Red Word- My Dream by Reyhaan Deb

" Children have vivid minds..."

--- Cozette Weng, 13
Melican Middle School

Northborough, MA, USA    

Lanur New Year Dinner by Reiko Lee Cheuk Kiu
Contemplation by Cozette Weng
Cruise by Irene Oh
Lifelong Friendship by Elise Chiu

" Youth Let's dive into the chaos--of youth:

Youth is the confusion of infinite possibilities and wanting to escape from the inanition of reality at times. The bubble gum symbolizes the naive and childhood dreams of a person. Growing up is painful, and often means oppressing true feelings; tears become chains falling on the on bubble. The weight of the gears on the earring pulling you down, but you need to stay calm.

I want to capture my ideas into what anyone can see and experience, because everyone is unique, but the basic emotional conflicts are the same. "

--- Celine Yeuk Ling Feng, 14
 American International School of Guangzhou

​Vancouver BC Canada