Stubbornly Numb by Natalie Humphrey

"This is my world, a big world.

People standing on the green ground, some of them holding the hands. Rockets, sun, stars and all kinds of planets flying around us in the space.

It's a lovely world. ." 

---- Michael Cao, 6
Foothill Christian School 
San Dimas, CA, USA 

" Pain can spread very easily by hurting feelings.

It is also very easy to handle pain in the society"

--- Young Soo Song, 11
Chang Shin Elementary School

Busan, South Korea  

Pain is Everywhere by Young Soo Song
Happy Holiday by Darren Liu

"Friends are important and helpful, we can achieve many things with them.

We should be grateful that we have friends.

Everyone should attest be a friend and have at least one.

---- Amber Su, 11
Laburnum Primary School 
Blackburn, Australia

" A girl in a speaceship waving at people happiness in a candy world."

--- Wenny Lui, 10
Christ Lutheran School 
West Covina, CA, USA   

Old Man and Innocence by Jonathan Toumit
Forest Friends by Amber Su

" Our nature is beautiful. Big green trees, birds are soaring through the sky, fishes are swimming, animals are playing hiding games, the dog and the cat are running. The girl is enjoying the lovely nature. Everyone is free. "

--- Emma Ran Cao, 9
Arma J Shull Elementary

San Dimas, CA, USA   

My World by Michael Cao
Selected Entries of the 2018 International Children's Art Competition 

" I went to a fun carnival.

There is a ferris wheel with lots of happy passengers riding. I stand on the top car and look at the world is amazing.."

--- Darren Lui, 6
Christ Lutheran School 
West Covina, CA, USA   

"Rituals of life can be as simple as going to the same coffee shop every morning, which bring a sense of warmth.

In this case, I choose to feature a ritual, that some people experience over and over again; an elderly man playing a street puppet for kids.

---- Jonathan Toumit, 14
Dwight-Englewood School 
Englewood, NJ, USA 

" Often people frustrate us with harassment, provocation, and abandonment...

When it happens, we must control our feelings.

It is healthier not to let anyone negatively affect us..." 

---- Natalie Humphrey, 14
Raha International School

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

My Fantasy World by Wenny Liu
The Beautiful Nature by Emma Ran Cao

A selected number of artists, of age 15 and under, will receive the Advena World Young Artist Award.

Children from around the world are welcome to submit their drawings, paintings, photos, and other original artworks filled with ideas that describe their understanding of the world, what they adore, their dreams, their environments, family and friends, and important events. 

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