Ad Types, Specifications, Positions, and Pricing

​ was established to provide forums for academics, corporate executives, policymakers, entrepreneurs, consultants, experts, administrators, industry leaders, and other practitioners representing diverse industries, countries, backgrounds, and views. Ad s
paces are assigned (for 15 days or 30 days) on a first come, first served basis.

  • ​Button Banner Ad (half bottom page): 100 USD

  • Top Button (half top page): 150 USD

  • Side Box (half bottom page): 175 USD

  • Side Box (half top page): 225 USD

  • Top Button (next to logo): 300 USD

  • Bottom Banner: 400 USD (plus a side box)


  • Large Bottom Banner: 500 USD (plus a side box)

  • ​Top Banner Ad: 600 USD (with a side box)

  • 1/2 Page Sponsoring:1,000 USD (plus a side box)  

​​​Production Charges

Ads requiring conception, drawing, typesetting, reduction, enlargement, or layout work are subject to additional charges. Layout and production services are available at $75 per hour with a minimum of $25 for type changes, color changes, resizing, etc. These prices should be used as a guideline only. Cost of changes to be paid by the advertiser (non commissionable).
Production (Conception and Design): 75 USD

​There is an additional online transaction fee @ 5 percent. A notification will be sent to your email address if your payment is successful. Payment in full is required before submission of ad materials.

​Advena World reserves the right to reject any advertisement, photograph or illustration which is not deemed to be in keeping with the standards of the website.

​​IMPORTANT NOTE: Each space is assigned to sponsor on a first come, first served basis. We strongly recommend that advertisers validate ads for publishing readiness. Advertisers must submit their ad materials or request us to produce their banners. ​For more information please contact us via email at

Advertising Purchase Order form

(To File Only After Payment Has Been Made)

Advertising Placement and Rates

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