Call For Abstracts

The 2016 Global Conference on Economics, Law, and Management
will provide the ideal opportunity to meet experts in economics, law and public policy, management, social sciences, international relations, environmental sciences, politics, media, education, geography, information technology and

researchers. Also, the conference provides an excellent venue for you to present your projects and receive quality feedback. 

Speakers and presenters will share new concepts, best practices, knowledge,  experience, strategies, and solutions, with a focus on promoting efficiency, quality of life, sustainable development, economic justice, human rights, ​research and development, innovation, and quality of public and private services.

Topics of Interest 

The GCELM'16 Conference focuses on (but not limited to) all areas of theoretical and empirical research in the following fields

​ 1. Cooperative Economics and Development
 2. Economic Issues and Public Policies 
3. Macroeconomic and Microeconomic Policies
4. Leadership and Governance
5. Public Policy and Business Policy
 6. Small Business, Micro-credit, Micro-finance Programs
7. Globalization and Commercial Laws
8. Public Affairs and Public Policy

9. Environmental Sociology and Pollution Control

10. Strategic Management and Business Studies
​11. International Law, Trade, and Corruption

​12. Local Government and Public Administration
​13. Competition, Black Market, and Informal Economies
​14. Intellectual Property Management
​15. Politics of European Integration and Global Governance
16. Knowledge Management and Technology Management
17. Planning, Geography, and Natural Resource Management
18. Project Management, Strategies, and Business Environment
19. Management of Education and Employment
​20. Marketing, Financial Services, and Corporate Communication

The conference welcomes proposals from experts in economics, business law, social sciences and public policy, corporate and government executives, scholars, academics, consultants, professional researchers, independent scholars, practitioners, and PhD/graduate students in public policy and social science disciplines, economics, sociology, international commerce, and history. Proposals may be considered as they are relevant to the theme of the conference. Early submissions are greatly appreciated. All submissions must be in Microsoft Word. 

Proposals are due: October 23, 2015.

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Economics, Law, & Management 2016 Global Conference                                              

November 3, 2016                   Washington DC

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