Nouf Abdullah Bin Jomaah (Saudi Arabia) 

Dr. Cliff Cockerham (keynote), National Campaign Director, The Climate Coalition, and Peter Fiekowsky, President, AVI LLC.

A team of George Washington University Students at the Education Psychology and Humanities 2014 Conference

Kevin Hyde, Philip Bogdonoff, DC Chapter Director, Diversity for a Livable Climate, Sudheer Shukla, and Dr Cliff Cockerham

Photo Gallery

Thanks to our keynotes, honorary guests speakers, presenters, and participants. 

A group discussion... 

Dr Sunita Chandak of India (center) with some participants

A session  with a motivational speaker... 

Dr. Nirmaljit K. Rathee, Director, Education Graduate Programs and Associate Professor, Delaware State University, Dover, DE.

Graduate students of the George Washington University 

A conference session...