Healthcare Systems, Global Business, and Engineering Conference      

July 6, 2017 | Washington DC 

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The 2017 Healthcare Systems, Global Business, and Engineering Academic Research Conference will provide the ideal opportunity to present your projects and experiences to leaders, academics, experts, and practitioners in healthcare, public health, management, and health sciences. Also, the conference provides an excellent venue for you to present your research and receive quality feedback. 

Speakers and presenters will share new concepts, best practices, knowledge,  experience, and solutions, with a focus on promoting healthcare efficiency, safety, climate challenges, and health needs of peoples, medical research, quality management for healthcare delivery, entrepreneurship in healthcare industry, innovation, and business ethics.

​Topics of Interest

The conference topics include, but are not limited to:

​1. Healthcare Data Analytics
2. Global Climate Change Challenges
3. Healthcare Reform, Policy, and Programs
4. H
ealthcare, Innovation, Research & Development in Renewable Energy
Ecology, Food Safety, Agriculture, and Biodiversity
6. Physical and Life Sciences
7. Community Health Services, Environmental Sciences, and Pollution Control
8. Role of NGOs in Public Health and Rural Health Care

Climate Change and Global Warming Issues
10. Affordability of Healthcare
Infectious Diseases, Prevention, and Public Policy
12. Ecosystem Services, Human Development,
and Policies
13. Innovation, Research & Development in Healthcare
14. Global Health Challenges and Pharmaceutical Quality Systems
15. Health Economics-Production and Consumption of Health and Health Care

​16. Health, Research, and Sustainable Agriculture

​17. Health Education, Social Work, and Research

​18. Role of NGOs in Public Health and Environmental Control

​19. Environmental Law, Public Health, and Policies

​20. Climate Change Challenges, Human Rights, and Public Health

PowerPoint Presentations:The conference room is equipped with a laptop, a digital projector and a projector screen. The laptop is set up for PowerPoint presentations. presenters are asked to save their presentations in a compatible format. There is a 25-minute limit per presentation.

The conference welcomes proposals from business executives, academics, consultants, professional researchers, independent scholars, consultants, practitioners, post-docs and PhD/graduate students in health and human science programs, health management, health policy, or health economics. When submitting an abstract, please follow the INSTRUCTIONS. 

Early submissions are greatly appreciated. 
Notification of Acceptance:  With in one week of submission time.

Proposal submission deadline: May 15, 2017

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