Eric is a true visionary when it comes to bringing together highly talented individuals from diverse backgrounds and expertise to share ideas and learn from each other in ways that lead to transformative social change and economic prosperity. As a result of our working with Eric, we learned in one day more about branding strategies, human resource motivation, and how to drive high performance than we could have ever gained on our own. 

For anyone looking to share their ideas, as well as learn from others who are well on their way to making a profound difference across the world through their respective fields, I highly recommend attending and participating an any one of Eric's Advena World events.

--- Dr. Deborah Osgood, President & CEO at KISBD | Champion of Small Business Start-Up and Growth, Enterprising Woman of the Year

What Speakers Are Saying About Us

"I got to know Eric, Executive Director of Advena World, as the event planner of the 2014 International Conference on Entrepreneurship and Economic Development. I was a speaker at the conference and my staff found Eric professional, likeable, enthusiastic and realistic in his expectations. 

I have worked with many public relation professionals over the past several years, and Eric not only demonstrated initiative, intelligence and creativity, but also his dedication to his speakers. 

While his event suffered greatly because of the many winter storms of 2014, he put on a good event and I look forward to working with him again" 

---------- Jeff Finkle, CEcD, President, International Economic    Development Council 

"I was honored to speak at the International Conference on Systems Engineering, Management, and Innovation, March 2014.

Eric was terrific to work with... very flexible and accommo-dating. It was refreshing to work with an organizer who is so dedicated to his speakers."

--- Felena Hanson, Founder, Hera Hub

Jeff Finkle

Hon. Guest Speaker


Jane Lovas

Hon. Guest Speaker


"I wholeheartedly recommend Eric based on his expertise in organizing Women's Leadership International Conference in NYC in October 2014.

I was honored to be one of the speakers and enjoyed myself tremendously. Eric's skills became evident from the moment we connected: he is detail-oriented, attentive and accommodating. I loved every moment of this day-long event thanks to Eric!

The conference was held at a very comfortable facility and featured an amazing line-up of speakers, some of whom had traveled half-way across the globe to present. I would surely do it all over again -- I felt so inspired by that memorable conference!" 

--- Yulia Ievleva, Psychotherapist, Public Speaker, and Business Consultant, Greater Los Angeles Area 

Joe DeRanieri

Hon. Guest Speaker


"Eric did a great job pulling together industry experts from varied backgrounds for a truly multidisciplinary global conference

He is a dedicated professional and excels at bringing a variety of professionals together for stimulating presentations and thought provoking discussion." 

--- Joe DeRanieri, Executive Director of Orthopedic Service Line

"Eric Schwartz did an excellent job of directing the Health, Technology and Management 2015 Conference in Washington, D.C., held on April 8, 2015. The event was organized well, and Eric’s friendly nature made the conference attendees—almost all of whom were from outside the United States—feel comfortable, which helped facilitate interaction.

Reflecting Eric’s international background and orientation, the speakers at the conference included highly qualified representatives from Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Spain, and Sri Lanka." 

--- Ken Perez, Vice President of Healthcare Policy at Omnicell, Inc.

Ken Perez



Felena Hanson

Hon. Guest Speaker


"Late one night I received a very well written and sincere invitation from Eric Schwartz to speak at HealthTech 2014. It was so inviting and everything was so clear in the invitation that I had all the information needed to make a decision quickly. So I accept immediately, sent him a response and went to sleep. Next morning when I woke up and checked my email, I saw Eric had already given me the keynote speaker spot and had put up an amazing description on the conference website.

Everything at the conference was top notch - the quality of the scholarly speakers, the research they presented, the friendly atmosphere, no sales or marketing presentations from any vendor, excellent hot lunch buffet, name tags made of top quality material, and lots of opportunities to network with people. Eric is an outstanding host. I have spoken at many conferences and have experienced many organizers -- Eric is by far the best of the best. He even attended every session and had interesting scholarly questions for each presenter. He also offered to pick up the tab for the hotel parking.

Finally he presented every speaker with a lovely Certificate of Appreciation -- a touch of class indeed! Thanks Eric for everything you did to make the conference enjoyable for everyone." 

--- Mansur Hasib, Dsc, CISSP, PMP, CPHIMS, Public Speaker & Author of "Cybersecurity Leadership" | Keynote, HealthTech'14 Conference- Read more 

Dr. Deborah Osgood




Testimonials from Academics, CEOs, Experts, Consultants, Leaders, Public Speakers, Educators, and Researchers from various disciplines. Read below to see what many keynotes and honorary guest speakers have to say about Advena World Conferences.

"I spoke at Eric's Womens Leadership Conference in Washington DC (July 2014.) The event was excellent, the other speakers who spoke that day were amazing.

I ended up spending the whole day there so that I could hear what they had to say. Eric did a fantastic job pulling the event together. I look forward to speaking at another one of Eric's events." 

--- Jane Lovas, CEO, Lovas Consulting, Business Therapist, Thought Leader, Author, and Speaker Helps Women CEOs, Executives and Leaders

Yulia Ievleva

Hon. Guest Speaker

WLC-New York'14