"Eric Schwartz is a consummate professional. I never worry when he asks me to join one of his events. They are well-planned, and his ability to bring in varied and excellent speakers, as well as, a good audience makes it easy to say yes. " 

--- Madelyn Blair, PhD

Resilient Leadership Speaker | Executive Adviser | Faculty at Columbia IKNS | Contributor at Psychology Today

"Eric was a pleasure to work with. I appreciate the flexibility that he offered andhe was very accommodating of any requests. I would work with Eric again without hesitation!

--- Tonya Ladipo, LCSW

Culturally Relevant Consulting | Counseling the Black & African-American community

Vaibhav Sinha

Hon. Guest Speaker


"Eric has an outstanding leadership and organizational abilities. I remember from a conference at Washington DC, he has excellently coordinated the event with a great attitude. He is certainly a team player. 

Eric has an extensive knowledge in his field, and his open-minded approach could not be overestimated. He represents a strong experience in areas such as public relations, project management and policy analysis.

--- Vaibhav Sinha, Assistant Professor of Practice
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Ohio state University
Columbus, OH

Glenn Freezman

Hon. Guest Speaker


Glenn's Blog 

"I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Eric at the Strategic Business Management and Economic Research 2014 Conference in Washington DC. as an Honorary Speaker at his Advena World event.. I found Eric to be passionate and compassionate about his work and had the incredible ability to seem always, available.

He brought together a fine mix of speakers from around the globe to present, the audience was treated to some of the greatest minds assembled in one place to speak. 

Putting together an event of this type is not an easy undertaking yet Eric seems to take it in stride. The planning, the communication, the venue and the delivery, ALL EXCELLENT. I was amazed how on top of his game Eric is, it seemed that as soon as I hit send with a question, I received an answer in return. Within minutes of me accepting the engagement, and forwarding my bio and head-shot, he had the update done on the conference page within moments and sent back for my approval. 

I hope to be included in future conferences he puts together, it is truly a wonderful experience both as a presenter and as an active listener and learner when it wasn't "My turn at the Lectern". If you get a chance to attend any of the Conferences Eris puts together, May I strongly recommend you attend. 

All my best, in truth"

--- Glenn Freezman, Sales Consultant at Armen Chevrolet​

What Speakers Are Saying About Us

Dr. Madelyn Blair


SSPP'14 Conference-DC


Tonya Ladipo

Hon. Guest Speaker


"Eric is a very imaginative and resourceful entrepreneur as well as an excellent teacher

--- Charles Verrill, Partner Wiley Rein LLP  & Senior Lecturing Fellow International Business Transactions 
Duke University Law School

Charles Verrill