What Speakers Are Saying About Us

Mohit Parasher

Former Client

"As a former Marketing & sales Director of Sony Morocco, I have been his client and from what I can tell, Eric was a valuable asset to our company. As Public Relations Executive at FP7 McCann, Eric was an integral part of our communication and marketing operations.  He was dedicated to his work and a great asset in the implementation of our marketing/promotional campaigns."

--- Mohit Parasher, Executive Vice President & President - Harman Professional | former CEO and Executive Director for Beetel Teletech | former Senior Vice President Consumer Marketing - Europe & Managing Director Sony UK

"I enjoyed interacting with Eric when planning my participation to a workshop in DC in January. 

Eric was very organized and detail-oriented and very responsive to the need of the speakers and participants.

--- Veronique Salze-Lozac'h, Deputy Director General, Independent Evaluation Department at Asian Development Bank

Veronique Salze-Lozac'h

Hon. Guest Speaker


"I was honored to offer the keynote address at the International Conference on Education, Psychology and Humanities in Washington, D.C.  Mr. Schwartz organized a first-class international conference that included experts in the respective fields from all over the world. 

The conference agenda was posted well in-advance and was comprehensive in design and scope.  Mr. Schwartz was a most accommodating host who welcomed conference participants in a professional and courteous manner!!"

----Dr. Lorenzo Cherubini, Professor, Faculty of Education, 

Brock University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Dr. Lorenzo Cherubini



John Sullivan

"Mr. Eric Schwartz has a sharp mind and has shown the ability to understand complex concepts and international business policy issues. He possesses the right combination of intelligence, commitment and interpersonal skills. His quick grasp of subject matter speaks well to his potential as a policy analyst, researcher, or lecturer. Eric is enthusiastic, trusting, and trustworthy.

He was one of the best in my class at George Mason's graduate program in International Commerce and Policy.

--- John Sullivan, PhD, Independent Consultant,

Former Executive Director,

Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE)

Armand Courson

Former client

Chiquita Howard-Bostic

Hon. Guest Speaker


"Eric Schwartz is an innovative organizer. He brings together diverse groups and perspectives from around the world.

My experience presenting at an Advena World LLC Conference on Education was phenomenal. In a intimate roundtable format, the participants were able to mingle, converse, and blend interdisciplinary knowledge. The comfortable academic and professional environment established by Advena World LLC is the exact setting needed to ground new ideas. Eric offered an affordable opportunity for scholars and professional to meet and take steps toward creating social change global"

--- Chiquita Howard-Bostic, Ph.D., Department Chair, Department of Sociology and Geography at Shepherd University

"I had the pleasure of working with Eric directly when he served as P.R. Executive & Writer at FP7 McCann. He was highly knowledgeable in public relations and at the same time, was capable of quickly understanding corporate clients' global marketing and P.R. strategies. 

Eric implemented public relations strategies of Coca-Cola Export Corporation in Morocco and Algeria. He demonstrated a higher level of expertise and most of all Eric was knowledgeable about our strategy in North Africa; helped us improve our corporate image and consumers’ attitudes towards our brands. 

Additionally, Eric helped us promote new products through a variety of media channels, wrote and adapted numerous press releases, and organized press conferences, interviews executives, covered on-site promotional events, and so on. 

I have seen his talents and abilities not only in our business partnership but also in the business community, when interacting with media professionals, corporate executives, and policy makers, as well. 

I highly recommend him for any position of work in which he can spread his excitement and share his talents with others."

​--- Armand Courson, Regional Director LENA

Aujan Coca-Cola Beverages Company (ACCBC)

Larrie D. Ferreiro



"Eric has organized a new colloquium for systems engineers and managers to network and share ideas - the International Conference on Systems Engineering, Management, and Innovation (ICSEMI). The first conference in 2014 started small but with a wide-ranging audience and global speaker list. I expect to see this conference grow in the coming years as it gets wider recognition."

--- Larrie D. Ferreiro, PhD., Director of Research

Defense Acquisition University & Award-Winning Author