What We Do

Conferences. Event Management Solutions. Forums. Exhibitions.
Speaking Engagements. Consulting.

Advena World LLC develops, provides diverse services to clients and institutions in a variety of areas, including Event Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Marketing, Speaking Engagements, News Aggregation, and Consulting. Specific services include:

  • Organizing academic and professional conferences

  • Providing full and partial event management services for corporations and small businesses: conventions, forums, workshops, seminars, award ceremonies, roundtable, office parties, and celebrations, gala dinners, and product launches

  • Organizing entertainment for corporations to promote products, services, talents, and business opportunities

  • ​Holding database of public speakers and initiating the introduction between public speaker and client

  • Providing resources to advance innovation and works of research

  • ​Developing, design, and publish brochures, flyers, and many branded marketing materials

  • Encouraging new collaborations, and inspire paradigm-shifting research

  • Providing strategic advice and consulting services.  

  • Interviewing experts, scholars, policy makers, and corporate executives

  • Producing targeted press releases

  • Providing traditional and digital public relations services

  • Providing resources to corporations, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and members aspiring to business achievements

  • ​Providing direct marketing and promotional services

  • Organizing the International Children's Art Competition series and children's art exhibitions

Advena World provides consulting services in a variety of areas including public relations, media outreach, policy analysis, and access to information.